The hotline is an effective tool to counter unlawful actions and violations principles of ethical business conduct set in the Code of Conduct and Corporate Policies. Megapolis-Kazakhstan company recognizes that success directly depends on trust of its employees, partners development strategy and principles of business, appreciates opinion of each interested person, for which the Company has organized the possibility of feedback – Hotline.


• impending or completed facts of corruption, fraud and theft in Company;

• trade in counterfeit products included in the Megapolis-Kazakhstan product range;

• cases characterized by a conflict of interest in relation to employees of the Company;

• abuse of official position and authority by employees of TC Megapolis-Kazakhstan;

• illegal financial transactions in the Company;

• alleged, forthcoming or committed violations of antitrust laws;

• financial and managerial reporting distortion of Megapolis-Kazakhstan;

• cases of discrimination in the Company;

We ask you to immediately report this to the Hotline of Megapolis-Kazakhstan:

8 800 080 08 20

 Megapolis-Kazakhstan hotline is administered by external consultant, which provides a guarantee of message independence processing and preservation of confidentiality and anonymity.

The work of Hotline is based on three main principles:

Confidentiality and Anonymity
Information will NOT be shared to your manager or colleagues. You will NOT be subjected to any harassment by Company, regardless to nature of message.

100% control of processing messages
Any of messages will not be ignored and will be considered in accordance with the established procedure.

Actions taken to each message
In case of confirmation violations,Megapolis-Kazakhstan will make every effort to take measures in prescribed manner and to prevent cases of illegal and unethical behavior. If you leave your contact details, you will definitely be informed about the results of the verification.